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 I am a relational communicator through and through and working with people is where I come alive!  I have taught and facilitated in a wide diversity of contexts:  From children to elderly, from destitute poverty to extreme wealth, from culturally homogenous to very diverse, and everything in between.   I am also a writer and performing artist.

Public Speaking, Teaching, Preaching

I have been speaking to large groups for 20 years, and it is one of my greatest loves.  With a background in the mental health field as well as theology, I integrate an understanding of the human psyche with a depth of exegetical teaching that makes the Word of God come alive!  I have spoken at:


  • Conferences

  • Churches

  • Retreats

  • School Assemblies

  • Graduations

  • Special Events

  • University Classes

  • Chapel Services




I regularly teach seminars in many different contexts.  Unless otherwise requested, I am typically interactive with my audience.  I will teach on a subject of your choice, or any of the following I have done before:


  • Racial Reconciliation/Justice

  • Call of the Gospel to Issues of Justice

  • Building a multi-racial, multi-culural organization/church/ministry 

  • Biblical Interpretation, and how our modern cultural framework interferes

  • Marriage

  • Discipleship

  • Worship and the Arts

  • Leadership

  • Any Biblical passage

Group Facilitation

I have been doing group facilitation for many years, especially around emotionally charged topics, such as race.  I have also facilitated sessions to resolve conflict within a group/organization/staff/church.




​I have published articles in both magazines and books, and would be happy to do an ongoing column, internet magazine, or any other publication..  

You can find one of my articles

published in Tim Keller's book,

"Walking With God Through Pain

and Suffering."

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