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Corona Pandemic - The new normal in the midst of this pandemic has proven a very challenging one.  As a single mama entrepreneur of two immunocompromised children, I am scrambling to keep us afloat.  I continue to support our community in the ways that I can - creating online community, writing, providing video content to remind us Who our God is.  My prayer is that we will all support each other in the ways that we can.  For those that have financial means to share, please support your vulnerable neighbors.  We are three among many.
  • As I raise my two precious adopted little souls, your support is especially appreciated as they have extensive medical and therapeutic needs not covered by insurance. 
  • Supporting us is also supporting my work to engage, equip, and empower on race, justice, and (re)conciliation, 

Abandoned baby girl, 

           3 days old

Ways to Give


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