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Jesus and Justice
10-Week Live Course and Long-Term Village

It takes a decolonizing village to raise a Christ-follower.  

You being here tells me that you want to be part of change.​  


You see the problem of race and injustice, but what does living our faith in action look like in the midst of it?  

The Bible is fundamentally about relationships; our relationship with God, first and foremost, and how it plays out in our relationships with each other.  And yet this chasm of the racial divide has left a bloodstained distortion of the Gospel in our "Christian" communities.  It has become perhaps the greatest discreditor of our witness for Christ.

The mainstream church's explanation for "reconciliation" is fundamentally flawed, even further silencing the marginalized.  Many of us are tired of feeling shamed, demoralized, dismissed, gaslit, or just plain confused about the way forward.  

Imagine having a clear Biblical framework spanning from Genesis to Revelation to draw on.  Imagine having a clear knowledge of the history of race and how it relates to today.  Imagine having - and even initiating - the hard conversations and life choices around racial justice without the dread, shame, anxiety.​​

We've created a sacred safe space where your need for authentic community in a safe, justice-centered space can become a reality.  It is in real community that real healing happens, and it is through real community that real change happens. 

That change starts with you! 

There is a Jesus-centered Biblical model for true conciliation.  The Brown-skinned Jesus of Nazareth.

There is healing for the pervasive shame and ongoing racial trauma of people of color.  There is an understanding of how this racial trauma is passed down through generations and how to break the cycle.  And there is the Biblical model which validates that trauma and reveals the God who experienced it Himself, even to the point of being murdered.

There is also an uprooting of white shame with a seat at the table of (re)conciliation and justice.  It takes the gritty internal work of deconstructing and reconstructing, reframing and decolonizing, of having the scales of privilege fall from our eyes, taking us from the injustice-laden faith we inherited to that of the historical Jesus we follow.

When we recognize the context in which Jesus lived and how he engaged with it, we are given a powerful charge for how our faith is meant to engage with the inequity that surrounds us.


After 30+ years in the U.S. as a woman of color activist and ten years in Soweto, South Africa perceived to be white, I've condensed my life's work on racial (re)conciliation and justice into a ten-week small group course (and a lifetime-access private community).  It integrates three primary lenses:

  • A thorough Biblical framework for race, justice, equity, and true, Jesus-centered (re)conciliation 

  • The Brain and Trauma:  Healing the intergenerational racial trauma that impacts all of us

  • The History of Race - How, when, why was the construct of race strategically created​

Embedded in every stage of this journey is healing-centered, trauma-responsive community.    I will lead you through a process of identifying and healing the trauma and identity distortions from a lifetime lived in a racialized society and those that were passed down from your parents, grandparents, and ancestors.

Change starts with YOU AND ME deciding not to take a post on the sidelines!
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