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A Journey Into the Heart of
Racial Justice and Healing

 Jesus and Justice 

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While we have our eyes on the future,

History has its eyes on us.

This is the era of just redemption..."

-Amanda Gormon


We are at a critical juncture in our nation's history...

and the Narrative of Racial "Reconciliation" has proven impotent

This chasm of the racial divide has left

a bloodstained distortion of the Gospel

in our communities. 

10 Week Life-Changing Course

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Next Cohort Begins July 5th, 2021

 30 years as a Brazilian WOC Activist, and

Ten years in Soweto, South Africa viewed as white

* Howard Univ. Doctoral Student *

  • Healing racial trauma
  • Systematic Biblical framework: The call to justice and Equity
  • Healing the distortions to our identity
  • The impact of a racialized society on our mental health
  • History - when, why was the construct of race created
  • TRUE Biblical "(re)conciliation;" it's not what you think!
  • Healing Intergenerational trauma
  • Long term, private community of change-makers
  • Navigating and influencing in a race-based world
  • A safe space - Trauma-informed and strengths-based
  • Small Group
  • Online
  • Live
One minute must view  video about
the heart and soul of the course


As a Black woman, a
Black mother to a Black Boy... an actress and activist, 
I have carried so much generational
trauma, weight, and internalized racism.

Jesus and Justice forever changed my life!  The intergenerational healing moved me forward and understanding God’s heart for Justice unlocked my purpose.  "

- Lauryn

Brief Testimonials

From Course Alumni


 Jesus and Justice was one of the most organic/living courses I have ever taken.  Transformation and freedom are happening!"

- Mattie

I took Jesus and Justice in a time when I was drowning in pain and questioning everything “Christian”. This group was truly a healing process for me. I am forever grateful. "

- Jodi


After 30+ years in the U.S. as a woman of color activist and ten years in Soweto, South Africa perceived to be a white woman(!),


I've condensed my life's work on racial (re)conciliation and justice into a ten-week small group course (and a lifetime-private community).  It integrates three primary lenses:

  • A thorough Biblical framework for race, justice, equity, and true, Gospel-centered (re)conciliation 

  • The Brain and Trauma:  The impact of a racialized society on our mental health​​, the science of intergenerational trauma, and how to resolve it

  • A survey of the history of race - How, when, why was the construct of race strategically created​ and how does it show up in society today


There is a Gospel-centered model
that brings real change and real hope.

 IMAGINE  having a clear Biblical framework for JUSTICE spanning from Genesis to Revelation to draw on. 

IMAGINE  having a clear knowledge of the history of race, why it was created, and how it impacts society today. 


IMAGINE  having the hard conversations around racial justice without the dread, shame, anxiety, because the poison of triggers are removed


IMAGINE  understanding the intersection of seeking justice with forgiveness and "loving your enemy"


When we recognize the context in which Jesus lived and

how he engaged with it, we are given a powerful charge for how our faith should engage with the inequity that surrounds us.

Are You Tired of being​


  • Shamed?
  • Demoralized?
  • Gaslit?
  • Dismissed?
  • Confused About the Way Forward?


There is healing for the ongoing racial trauma of PEOPLE OF COLOR and the pervasive shame that comes with it.

There is an understanding of how this racial trauma is passed down through generations and how to break the cycle. 

And there is the Biblical model which validates that trauma and reveals the God who experienced it Himself, even to the point of being killed.

There is also an uprooting of white shame with a seat at the table for justice and (re)conciliation.


It takes the gritty internal work of deconstructing and reconstructing, reframing and decolonizing...


Of having the scales of privilege fall from your eyes, taking you from the injustice-laden faith we inherited to that of the historical Jesus we follow.

That space is here,

in this community,

in this live course

Change starts with YOU AND ME deciding not to take a post on the sidelines!

Here's a glimpse into my story
and the course itself:
"A Gospel that reconciles people to God but not to each other CANNOT be the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
- Spencer Perkins

Meet Gigi


By integrating theology, sociology, and psychology, Gigi Khanyezi is a trailblazer who challenges, heals, and equips Christian communities to be on the front lines of seeking racial equity.  She has devoted her life to the facilitating, living, empowering of racial justice, (re)conciliation, and equity. 

After 30 years in the US as a woman of color activist, she relocated to Soweto, South Africa for ten years, where she was considered white!  Those years greatly impacted her ideas about "reconciliation" and justice.  Also during these years she fostered and adopted two precious little souls whom she named Jericho and Judah.  They are the light of her life!

Though her most important equipping and training came from the streets of E. Oakland and Soweto, she is also indebted to the formal institutions which bestowed her tertiary degrees: 

  • BA in Sociology and African & African American Studies;  UC Davis

  • M.Div. with an emphasis in Intercultural Ministry; Denver Seminary.

  • Doctoral student at Howard University School of Divinity 

Gigi is currently a Doctoral student at Howard University School of Divinity where she is integrating the healing of intergenerational, collective racial trauma, theology, and resolving intergenerational racial bias in the white community.