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June 2


Website Launch!


It has been many years in coming.  For various reasons I never felt it was the right time to put my writing or our story on the loudspeaker of the World Wide Web...  Until now.  I pray that many of you will be inspired toward a more intimate love with Jesus, and a more intentional pursuit of justice , reconciliation, and advocay in your own communities through this website.  Let the journey begin...


June 7


The Blog Launch!


The inaugural blog post for what I hope to be many years of sharing stories, reflections, questions, pains, joys, and struggles.  You will hear many stories of living, loving, struggling in Soweto and beyond, and my reflections on the redeeming, jealous, protective God who adores and cherishes this community... and each of us.  You will hear many stories about my precious adopted and foster sons - some will make you cry, others will make you laugh 'till you cry!   (So basically, just have tissue nearby).

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