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Racial trauma is a pandemic of a different kind.  I have devoted my life to the intersection of justice-centered faith, healing racial trauma, and Beloved Community. 


My first offering to the world since completing my Doctorate is a downloadable e-Manual that walks you through three key principles to heal your racial trauma. It is complete with beautiful journal pages, 21 days of guided reflections, and stunning photography and artwork to help you move from knowledge to healing. Each day also comes with one somatic exercise to anchor and integrate your healing.


With milk for beginners and meat for the advanced, this resource will anchor your healing without causing overwhelm. It is content-rich, but not content-heavy.  You learn and then integrate, learn and integrate, one bite-sized piece at a time.


This e-Manual, designed as a self-guided mini-course, inspires you toward healing and empowers you toward flourishing.  

Seek Justice.  Love Mercy.

Walk Humbly with Your God.

Micah 6:8 

This blog stands at the intersection of: 


Faith, Justice, Race, Repair, Collective HealingDaily Living, Brown Jesus of Nazareth, Generational TraumaDiscipleship, TransformationPower Dynamics, Social Issues, Inequality, HIV/AIDS, Adoption, Parenting, Trauma, Leadership, 


and most things in between.




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